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Coffin Nails 7

Coffin Nails

Authentic coffin nails. 3 per pack.

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Cowrie Shells 18pcs 3

Cowrie Shells 18pcs

These cowrie shells are a great symbol of the sea, and are a wonderful aid in creative and mystical crafts.

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Job`s Tears 16

Job`s Tears

Perhaps most commonly found within Jewelry throughout the world, Job`s Tears are a potent magical tool within the hoodoo spiritual tradition. In groups of seven, they can be used to help make wishes come truth. This is frequently done with a ritual where a wish is made over the seven Tears before they are held in a pocket for seven days, and a psalm is invoked before they are thrown away, usually...

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Kananga Water 1

Kananga Water

Built upon the essential oil of Ylang Ylang, this 4 ounce bottle of sweet smelling cologne is frequently used in rituals of protection and cleansing, scent bowls for the spirits of the dead, and other ritual and cosmetic purposes. This water has long been known as a potent aid to many rituals and spells.

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Lucky Green Rice 1 ounce 11

Lucky Green Rice 1 ounce

Hand crafted lucky green rice is mixed with real shredded money and mixed with gold dust and glitter. Use this lucky rice in your prosperity workings to add extra abundance. 1 ounce.

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Lucky Horseshoe Used 4

Lucky Horseshoe Used

Actually having been fixed to a horse`s hoof, this 4 1/2" horseshoe (exact size may vary) has been known for centuries as a powerful token of good luck. Hang it above the door of your business or home to bring good luck to all within it.

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Worry Doll Set 12

Worry Doll Set

Worry dolls, also known as "trouble dolls" are tiny colorful dolls that you whisper your worries to before you go to bed, allowing them to do your worrying for you while you sleep. Traditional to Guatemalan culture, the use of this folk magic has spread throughout the world, with many people bringing them into the workplace as well, to provide a source of peace and calm throughout the day. All...

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