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Steady Work oil is available in 2 dram ($10) vials.

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Steady Work oil is intended for those who are looking for reliable employment, and is especially useful for freelancers. It can be used in conjunction with our Get A Job for an extra boost to your search for a permanent job as well. It is, however, a different oil made with ingredients considered to develop long-term, secure sources of money and general prosperity, rather than employment. Steady Work contains oils considered by magical practitioners to assist with money drawing, good fortune in business, and protection of income, with herbs to promote general good fortune, financial success, and long-term income sources.

This mix contains essential oil of cinnamon, which is a known skin irritant. Please do a patch test on the inside of your wrist or elbow 24 hours before you use this oil anywhere on your skin. Be careful not to touch your face, mouth, eyes, or other mucous membranes after handling this oil, even when diluted. The carrier oil for all our products is almond oil, which is a tree nut oil. If you are allergic to tree nuts, please do not use any of our ritual oils. We can make tree-nut-free bottles of our oils and are happy to do so upon request.

Suggested use: Carve a word or symbol that represents your goal into a green candle, and anoint it with Steady Work oil from base to tip. The oil should be applied with the wick end of the candle held towards you and the base away from you. This oil can be used in conjunction with other success, money, and job oils, and mixes particularly well with our Get A Job. The candle can be burned in one night, or marked into three, seven, or nine equal sections and burned each day or evening. The candle work will be most effective if it is lit for the first time on a Sunday, which is considered ruled by the Sun, or on a Thursday, considered to be ruled by Jupiter. Steady Work works best while the moon is waxing, but the oil will be effective at any point in the lunar cycle.

Other uses: After a skin patch test, as mentioned above, you might rub your hands with the oil before logging on to job sites or electronically submitting job applications, or sending emails that might result in work. A dab of Steady Work on your laptop bag, your shoes, or your briefcase could give you a magical edge, as could carrying a piece of material with the oil on it in your pocket to an interview. Using the oil to anoint samples of your work sent to potential clients, or to anoint your resume or CV, has also proved effective.

Should you come up with other uses for Steady Work that work particularly well, please let us know! We’ll add your suggestion to the page and give you attribution and a link to your website, if you have one.

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