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Stop Gossip oil is available in 2 dram ($15) vials.

This is an Electional oil.

Stop Gossip oil is used to prevent backbiting, end malicious gossip, and protect the user from the effects of both. Our formula contains essential oils said to promote cleansing and assist in increasing personal power, with herbs added for the purpose of increasing power over others and silencing those who speak against you. In the Western magical tradition, some of these herbs are considered effective in allowing gossip and slander to slide off you with out effect, and others are intended to prevent those who would gossip and slander from using you as a target in the first place.

The most effective time for using this oil is during a waning moon - as the moon grows smaller, so does the influence of the gossipers. A waning moon, in this instance, is defined as the waning "gibbous," the period of time when the illuminated section of the moon grows smaller, but remains visible. While the oil may be most effective at the waning moon, the oil is not tied to the lunar calendar and may be used whenever needed.

This mix contains essential oils of lemon and red pepper, which are known skin irritants. Please do a patch test on the inside of your wrist or elbow 24 hours before you use this oil anywhere on your skin. Be careful not to touch your face, mouth, eyes, or other mucous membranes after handling this oil, even when diluted. The carrier oil for all our products is almond oil, which is a tree nut oil. If you are allergic to tree nuts, please do not use any of our ritual oils. We can make tree-nut-free bottles of our oils and are happy to do so upon request.

Suggested use: Develop a one word petition or request and carve it into a black candle. If it seems impossible to get your intent down to one word, you can use your name as your petition. Either buy a seven knob candle for this purpose, or mark a regular taper into seven equal sections. Holding the candle by the base, with the wick pointing away from you, anoint the candle with oil from base to wick. As you light the candle, pray or petition your deity or deities to bind the tongues of those who speak against you, and ask that if gossip and backbiting occurs, that it not affect you. If there is a particular person who is the source of slander and gossip, you can put a picture of them underneath the candle holder. Burn one knob or section of the candle each night, always pinching out or snuffing the flame rather than blowing it out. When the candle has burned down as far as it can safely go, run the wick under water to prevent re-lighting and wrap the candle stub (and photo, if present) in cloth. Bury the bundle respectfully, on your property if possible.

Other uses: Use a dab on an inconspicuous spot on your clothing, shoes or socks when you know you’ll be in a situation that might engender gossip. You can put use a drop of Stop Gossip oil in the water you use to wash your floor, to break a gossip cycle with a visitor or resident, or try using a drop in your laundry rinse-water.

Final note: Because of the ingredients of this oil, it is not appropriate for use on the gossiper or slanderer. Applying oil to someone else’s clothes, belongings, or person will not assist you in your goal.

Should you come up with other uses for Stop Gossip that work particularly well, please let us know! We’ll add your suggestion to the page and give you attribution and a link to your website, if you have one.

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